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Documentary film format Digital HDV / DCP, 52 min, Switzerland 2014


Language: Spanish. Subtitles: German, English, French and Italian


Filming locations: Canton of Zurich, Canton of St. Gallen


Archive material: Argentine


Release date: 2013-2014


Written and Directed by: Eva Danzl


Producers: Eva Danzl, Márcio Jerônimo


Camera: Patricia Fiori, Márcio Jerônimo


Editing and Post Production: Márcio Jerônimo, Eva Danzl


Design and Website: Thais Aguiar Zeller


Sound design: Peter Bräker


Supervision: Gitta Gsell and Anna-Lydia Florin


DCP by Cinéma Copain, Zürich




German: Eva Danzl

English: Laura López Arjona, Chris Bowman

Italian: Lucia Tozzi


Extracts from the book “Mañana será otro día”, writer Rubén Gallucci.


Speaking voice: Antonio Garofalo


Archive material: Cayu Suarez


Archivo Nacional de la Memoria (National Memory Archives), Buenos Aires, Argentina.




Adagio en mi país“, from Alfredo Zitarrosa, Uruguay: with kind authorisation of the family, Nancy Marino



Composition of Enrique Harries


"Moedas de açúcar", from Wandula

Composition of Marcelo Torrone


“Palabras para Julia”

Melody: Maggie Garbino. Recording: Niklaus Küpfer


Clarinet concert, Mozart

Orchestra: Neumünster Orchester Zurich. Conductor: Gunnar Harand. Clarinet:  Jacques Troesch

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